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Professional Audio and Video

Design, Installation and Implementation

Cleveland Ohio Commercial Audio and video design and installation
Audio/Video Design 

Marjet provides: 


Full A/V design and installation services to meet all of your sound or video imaging needs/requirements.  


No job is too large or too small​ for our experienced staff of designers and technicians.

Cleveland Ohio commercial sound masking and white noise systems and installation
Sound Masking and Absorption

Does your business have noise problems? 

Sound Masking Solutions:


Sound masking is created by special digital generators and then distributed by speakers through an office area.  These systems greatly reduce distractions and provide confidentiality where needed. Sound masking systems have many different features including some systems that provide "auto level adjusting" capabilities that change masking levels with the increasing/decreasing of sound in respective work areas.  


Decorative Sound Absorption Panels:


Eliminate the reflective noise from hard surfaces within your room.  This solution can greatly improve the sound quality in restaurants and public spaces. Attractive panels can also be customized with artwork to enhance your interior design.​

Cleveland and Akron Ohio commercial touch panel Audio video control devices
Cleveland Ohio corporate audio and video conferencing products and installation
Touch Panel Control


Do you want the control of a room at the touch of a button?


Marjet can provide and install an assortment of touch panel control systems. Whether you are looking for conference room scheduling panels, or touch panels to control your equipment, Marjet can provide a solution that provides simplistic control of today's complex technologies. 


Video and Audio Conferencing


Do you need a microphone system for large audio or video conference calls?


Do you need a system that can adjust to different layouts created by movable walls?


Marjet provides the highest quality audio and video conferencing systems that exist in the market today.


Marjet has the experience required to integrate these systems into complex conference room enviroments.  



Video Surveillance

Marjet provides and installs an assortment of Analog and IP based indoor/outdoor camera systems and DVRs.  All solutions we provide can be remotely accessed for easy viewing from a central office, home PC or phone/tablet.

Digital Signage

Do you want to get your message out to your clients and/or employees?


Do you require a split screen with a slideshow, video and/or a scrolling message playing simultaneously?


Do you require an interactive touch display for your lobby, restaurant or business? 


Marjet can provide a cost effective digital signage solution that is user friendly and can be programmed and updated "In House".




cleveland and Akron ohio corporate securtiy surveillance cameras and DVR
Cleveland and Akron Ohio commercial AV digital signage installation

The Marjet design team works hard to provide "affordable" solutions that exceed your technical requirements in order to prepare you for future technologies.

Call us today to see how we can help you! Alternatively, if you'd like to learn more about us, feel free to visit Cabling, Phone Systems, or Blog pages!

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